S05E23 “Respawn” – Not Done


Yeah I totally haven’t written up this episode yet. I think I’ll get it this weekend. As soon as the last episode aired I lost that “I have to get this out before the next one airs” pressure;)

Over the summer hopefully I’ll be able to put in some site improvements that will make the updates a lot more timely and interactive.

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5 Responses to S05E23 “Respawn” – Not Done

  1. Chiyto says:

    And perhaps some previous season trivia 😀

  2. Blake says:

    That was a weak finale, I didn't even realise it was one, I was expecting a new episode this week.

    Still got some stuff on right now but when I have some time I wouldn't mind finding trivia for you for a certain season.

    • Cam says:

      It WAS a little weak.

      Thanks for the offer! Over the summer I hope to open the trivia up to make it a little more wikipedia-like. Then anyone will be free to add/update whatever they want!

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  4. rushanessays says:

    Oh no, I was expecting its latest episode of trivia. To view the new one i have to wait til new weekend.Omg I can't wait more plz update in next blog.

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