30 Rock Season 1


0:40 As Liz begins her walk down the city street a song begins to play with the lyrics, “Who’s that kicking it down the street causing a stir…that’s her…who’s got the kind of charisma the boys prefer…that’s her..” The lyrics … Continue reading

“The Aftermath”

0:13 JackYou hear about that chemical factory explosion outside of Colorado Springs? LizNo. JackGood. Aaaaaaactually I couldn’t find any reference to a factory explosion around the time this episode was written. Just thought I’d include it in case you were … Continue reading

“Blind Date”

00:00 Frank[watching four bears attack a robot] Robot, kick him in the knees. Bears have weak knees. Not as far as I can tell. If anyone wants to take a run at a bear and give me a definitive answer … Continue reading