I was sitting around watching an episode of 30 Rock, which is cooler and funnier than Zombie Jesus, and I kept grabbing my laptop to look up references. I’m smart..ish… but I’m not necessarily up on all of the latest goings on in the media or politics or other sitcoms or whatever the hell else they’re talking about. Most of the time it’s still FUNNY, and I laugh, but then my lovely fiancee makes fun of me for laughing but not really getting the joke.

Anyway, I figured it would be awesome to have a site where everything was explained. Yeah, not everyone needs every last thing explained, but sometimes I think you’d be surprised at what people don’t get. I mean, people are morons. You’re smart. But other people are morons. Everyone knows this.

This 30 Rock Explainy Site didn’t exist, so I figured I’d make it myself. Hopefully you find it useful.


-=Cam (cam@whatthewhat.tv)

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