MAN that was a hiatus. I haven’t watched the episode yet, but I hear it’s amazing!

Actually I haven’t heard a thing. But I’m sure it’s great;)

So.. sad news. I don’t think I’ll be doing trivia for Season Six. It’s just too much work! For each episode I have to transcribe it (2-3 hours) then look up all of the trivia (5-6 hours) then clean up up and post it (1 hour). 10 hours per episode. It’s a lot of work!

I created this blog for a few reasons. First, I love 30 Rock and I’ve always wanted there to be a site like this. Well, it’s the magical age of the internet. Stop whining and build it yourself, Cam! So I did. It was also partially an experiment to see if you could make any money off of an enterprise like this. I’ll give you a hint: you can’t;) Well, maybe you can, but it would take a whole hell of a lot more clever than I can bring to bear on it. That and time. And time is what I don’t have. My free time per week has dropped from a couple of dozen hours to near zero.

Maybe I’ll change my mind, but for now, I’ll just be joining you in enjoying the damn things. I may not have made any money (well, it was about four dollars a month;), but I really enjoyed sharing this with all of you and all the great feedback and help.

Thanks, all!

[Update]: Watched it! GOOD episode. At the start of every season of a really good show I get nervous that they won’t be as good. Maybe they’ve been on the air too long and are running out of material. Maybe all the good writers left. Maybe some show runners found other favourite projects and are starting to neglect this one. But nope! Everyone’s running on all cylinders. Funny.

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30 Rock to have a Seventh Season??

Alec Baldwin so far has said the sixth season will absolutely be his last and it’s time to move on. Tiny Fey’s comments did nothing to discourage the sentiment that the sixth season would be it for 30 Rock as well. Today, however, Alec Baldwin tweeted that the show’s producer, Lorne Michaels, has said 30 Rock will go on, and Tina Fey says she remains “completely committed” to the show. Crazy! I thought that was it and this.. this!!
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30 Rock S05E23: “Respawn” Trivia Done!

Wow that took me WAY too long. This is what happens when I have no pressing deadlines;)

So this was the last episode of the season. We have months until Season Six starts up, which I hear will be the last season of 30 Rock, which is sad. But not bad! Most clever and funny shows barely make it a season or two.

Now it’s time for me to catch up with all of you fantastic readers who’ve been adding trivia in the comments on older episodes. I’m not ignoring you! And thanks.

Enjoy the trivia!

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S05E23 “Respawn” – Not Done


Yeah I totally haven’t written up this episode yet. I think I’ll get it this weekend. As soon as the last episode aired I lost that “I have to get this out before the next one airs” pressure;)

Over the summer hopefully I’ll be able to put in some site improvements that will make the updates a lot more timely and interactive.

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Trivia done for 30 Rock S05E22: “Everything Sunny All the Time Always”

“Holy crap!” you’re saying. “Cam, how did you get the trivia done for this week’s episode so quickly?? You must be some sort of god!”

Well, no. I’m finally done the trivia for last week’s episode. And there wasn’t event that much trivia!

Anyway, enough waiting. Check out S05E22: “Everything Sunny All the Time Always”! Enjoy

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30 Rock S05E20: “100” Episode FINALLY Done!

Wow that one was huge! Big two-parts-in-one episode. It’s actually episode 20 and 21 combined into an hour long HUNDREDTH EPISODE EXTRAGAVANZA!!

I was also away this last weekend in NYC for a wedding, and yes, wandered around 30 Rock and checked out the NBC Experience Store. Man I love New York.

Anyway, here is is, 30 Rock S05E20: “100.” Enjoy!

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Authors@Google: Tina Fey

Very cool! Google (the company) invites various people to talk at their campuses, and on April 20 they had Tina Fey on for an hour talking to Google’s (soon-to-be-ex) CEO Eric Schmidt.

They talk about her new book, Bossypants, stand up, comedy writing, her Sarah Palin impressions, Q&A, the process of writing 30 Rock. It’s all pretty damn good.

Eric Schmidt is… not a funny man. Maybe that’s not fair. He’s sitting next to one of the funniest people alive, so maybe it’s just contrast. He’s a little awkward, though.

Some cool bits:

  • The catchphrase “I want to go there” was originally a quote from her five year old daughter, looking at the Disney World website and saying “I want to go to there.”
  • Eric Schmidt actually being funny when Tina Fey was talking about using her iPhone to capture pictures of her and her daughter and Eric saying “and we want you to use a more powerful phone.”
  • Pirates or ninjas? Pirates. Due to the beachiness and outfits.
  • Tracy Morgan’s nicknames for Tina Fey: T. Fey and Isis of the hood.
  • “I’ve seen a lot of Full House, but never on purpose.”
  • Her favourite line she wrote (for Alec Baldwin in Season 1, when asked why he was wearing a tux): “It’s after six. What am I, a farmer?” This line was just used again in S05E20: “100”.
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New Episode Tonight!

Yay new episode! Check out S02E22: “Everything Sunny All the Time Always” if you want to see… well, nothing so far. But you can comment on it if you want!

“WAIT a minute, Cam. Where the hell is last week’s one hour episode!?” Yeah yeah I know. I was in NYC for four days, plus the episode is HUGE. I just finished typing up the transcript last night. I’m on it. Promise!

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Finally a new one! S05E19: “I Heart Connecticut” Trivia Complete

It’s been weeks since we’ve had a new 30 Rock. And it’s taken me forever to get this one done, and I’m cutting it close because the next episode is out tomorow, but it’s done!

Ladies and gentlemen… I present to you… The trivia for 30 Rock S05E19: “I Heart Connecticut!”

btw, tomorrow’s episode is the 100th episode! Congrats 30 Rock! And it’s an hour long, so.. that’s awesome.

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No New 30 Rock Tonight Either

Good morning 30 Rockers! Ready for a fresh new episode tonight? OH! Sorry, dude! No new 30 Rock tonight.

Why? No idea. That’s just how they roll.

Next episode is April 14, 2011.

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