30 Rock S05E23: "Respawn"


Tracy interrupts Liz's summer vacation. Meanwhile Jack feels lonely and turns to Kenneth, while Jenna must choose between being the Wool Council spokeswoman and her relationship with Paul.

Episode Details

S05E023 (523)
First aired
Hannibal Buress & Ron Weiner
Don Scardino
Frank's Hat
Van With Man

This is the final episode of Season 5.

Dr. Spaceman
All right, now that the popsicle’s melted we’ve got ourselves a tongue depressor.
I wanted you to look at these cold sores. I get them when I’m stressed out.
Dr. Spaceman
Ah they’re nothing to be ashamed of. I get them from prostitutes.

I don’t think the ones from prostitutes are cold sores. I think they’re herpes. Filthy, filthy whore herpes.

Actually they’re the same virus: herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) and type 2 (HSV-2). Incurable, so don’t get it.

I just had a hard couple months. Work has been crazy and I went through a bad breakup and then there was this plastic bag that represented my death.
Dr. Spaceman
Sounds like you could use a little R&R. Rum and Ritalin.

Liz was most recently dating airline pilot Carol Burnett (played by Matt Damon), but they broke up at gunpoint in S05E14: “Double-Edged Sword.” The plastic bag representing her death (it literally spoke to her and told her that) was from last episode, S05E22: “Everything Sunny All the Time Always.”

I loved when Dr. Spaceman started using his light to look at Liz’s cleavage, then back to her mouth just as she noticed, but they didn’t even mention it. Just a two-second nugget of understated hilarity.

Rum and Ritalin. That sounds fantastic. Just the right kind of calypsudical. Ritalin, being a form of speed, is commonly abused by college students to aid concentration. Oh and it’s also over prescribed to kids for ADD. Back in the day we called this “being hyperactive” and the prescription was a smack in the head.

Cuz I’m dealing with the stress thing. Over the break I’m renting a cottage out in the Hamptons. There’s just four things I want to do this summer: be outdoors, wear shapeless clothing, do some mindless activity like gardening, and learn Spanish.
Dr. Spaceman
There are four things I want to do this summer, but they’re roommates so it’s tricky. All right, here’s a prescription for your cold sores and here’s a blank one for the weekend. Now one final thing. Why aren’t you wearing pants?

“The Hamptons” refer to the villages on the far east end of Long Island, NY, and have some of the most expensive property values in the US.

Dr. Spaceman needs a spin-off. I want to watch him make a run at these four roommates.

[knocks] Heeeeeeeyyy-
Stop right there. I know people are feeling sorry for me because my wife was kidnapped by Kim Jong-il.
I knoooowwwwww.
But I do not need your pity and I am tired of hearing that tone of voice.

Yup, that was a weird one. All the way back to last episode: S05E22: “Everything Sunny All the Time Always.”

Look, obviously this has been difficult. I’m not sleeping. Last night I sat in front of the TV and ate an entire carton of foie gras, I can hardly drink my morning shower scotch. I miss Avery. It’s the little things I miss most. On a day like this we would go to Strawberry Fields in Central Park and kick hippy’s hacky sacks into the bushes.

A carton of foie gras?? Shower scotch?? I’m totally starting a shower scotch regime. That sounds awesome. And foie gras is obviously French duck or goose live pate. It’s quite delicious and quite expensive and I’m sure nowhere does it come in “cartons.” It’s produced by force-feeding the birds corn until their livers fatten up. They should just build them a McDonalds, give them 1000 channels, and supply them with a low-quality education. It would save a lot of the force-feeding work.

Strawberry Fields is indeed in the southern part of New York’s Central Park. It’s a memorial to singer/songwriter/peace activist John Lennon (1940-1980), was named after The Beatles’ song “Strawberry Fields Forever,” and is actually directly across from the Dakota Apartments where Lennon had lived for the later part of his life, and where he was murdered. And it apparently does attract peaceniks like a pro-life rally.

Normal? I don’t know what normal is anymore.
Normal is a woman and a woman getting married and having a child.
Does me being a bummer help you feel like your old self?
Keep going.
Bush is a war criminal! There’s so much texting going on these days and no communicating. Carbon tax!
Please leave!
[double thumbs up] That’s the spirit.

Liz is playing against Jack’s staunch conservative leanings. Lesbian marriages? Attacks against Bush?? Touchy-feeling communication talk? And carbon tax, the ultimate pennant of flag-waving tree-huggers??? Not on Jack’s watch. No, sir.

Well, I’m off. Have a good summer, Jenna.
Oh I will. Do you remember when I performed at half time at the Wool Bowl? It was on the ESPN34.
[flashback] [singing] You can’t spell America without W-O-O-L. It’s all better in wool.
[flashback] A singer, everyone!
[flashback] Wooly! The wool mascot, everybody! [mascot dances around]

ESPN does have a ton of networks (26 including ESPN8 “The Ocho,” which I always thought was made up for the movie Dodgeball. Oh wait! It was! Someone snuck it in the Wikipedia list. Nice!), but there is no ESPN34.

I love how Jenna is so incredibly oblivious to insult as long as she’s in the spotlight. “A singer, everyone!” And the screen reads “Wool Bowl 2010 Halftime Show, With Performed TBD”;)

Wooly is freaky as hell. It looks like something pulled out of a shower drain at a hostel. A dirty, dirty hostel.

[Update:] Reader mhd pointed out the screen says that Hiram College (Ohio) is playing Bryn Mawr (Pensylvania) (2 to 11). They’re both liberal arts colleges, and Bryn Mawr is a women’s college that Liz may have attended.

The sponsors were so happy with me they’re now naming me the new celebrity face of wool.
How exciting! Every year my aunt sends me a wool sweater for Christmas. We get it, Aunt Alice, you’re a sheep!

Ahhhh what 30 Rock episode is complete without a semi-funny joke about Kenneth’s redneck family back in Stone Mountain, Georgia?

Also this is very lucrative. Paul and I can finally buy that time share in Betoston Bos, Amsterdam’s premiere private sex garden. They have genetically altered men there with minotaur heads that chase you through the brambles.

Betoston Bos: Not a place as far as I can tell, but if it was, it would probably be in Amsterdam. Actually I don’t know if Amsterdam is nearly as permissive as the rumours makes it out to be. Sure, you can easily get pot almost anywhere. Welcome to Canada.

Minotaurs are from Greek mythology and have the bodies of men and the heads of bulls. Sadly we don’t yet have the technology to gene splice to this level. Give it a few years. My cousin’s taking biotech. I’ll get him on it.

Oh my God. The season’s over, why are you losers still here?
Final melee, Liz. It’s the last game of the season and no one wants to lose.
You have no summer plans?
Well, David Eggers and I are designing a new font…

The writers are playing Halo Reach , a video game for the Xbox 360.

David Eggers is an American writer, editor, and publisher. Aside from being a writer he doesn’t have much to do with fonts, but he did create 826 Valencia, which is a writing workshop/odd store front setup. They have a Pirate Shop in the original 826 Valencia in San Francisco. Yarr!

Och, shut up! Frank, you have a girlfriend!
And Lynn wants me to give up video games cuz she thinks I need to grow up. How’s this for grown up? Last night for dinner I put MILK in my Apple Jacks.

Lynn Onkman, played by Susan Sarandon, was Frank’s old school teacher. They had an affair, she was sent to jail, she was finally released, they reunited, and I guess they’re still together. This all happened in S05E17: “Queen of Jordan.

Apple Jacks are delicious. American Corn Pops (my wife swears the Canadian version is inferior) and Cap’n Crunch are better, but not by much. Pouring milk over your cereal is pretty grown up.

Wow. I can’t wait to get out of here. For three months, it’s going to be glorious.
[flash forward] [wearing shapeless clothes and picking and eating tomato]
Ina Garten
[flash forward] Hi neighbor! I’m Ina Garten. You know my husband Jeffrey is away and I have some bruscetta and some white wine open. Why don’t you come over?
[flash forward] I’m alive! [hops bush]

Ina Garten’s back! Also known as The Barefoot Contessa, she’s famous for her books and cooking shows. They mentioned her in S05E01: “The Fabian Strategy.” I wonder how this happens? Did she love the show and say she wanted to be on? Did someone run into her and suggest it?

I’m pretty sure the jaunty French song in the background is made up. My French isn’t good enough to make it out properly. Anyone?

[Update:] Reader Jasper, our good Belgian agent in the field, say the song goes “… l’été, la plage, doucement, la plage, les malliots, sous le soleil…” and translates to “… the summer, the beach, gently, the beach, bathingsuits, under the sun…”

[Update 2:] Reader Simon claims he trumps Jasper’s Belgian French with some real France French. SO. Simon says the song, more accurately, is: “L’été, la plage, doucement la plage, les maillots, sous le soleil … “ which translates to “Summer, Beach, slow on the beach, bathing suits, under the sun … “

All I have left is to pay the fine that I incurred for committing a “hate crime” against what the city is now claiming is a Jewish tree. And I’m free! Have a great summer. I’m not one for goodbye speeches but I do feel… Lutz, what are you doing?
[straining] Don’t look at me!

This was from last episode and concerned the aforementioned “plastic bag that represented [Liz’s] death.” There she was, finally in control of her life and this bag, this horrible talking bag was defying her control. Finally, in a fit of madness she cut the bag’s branch from the tree while being tased by a cop. It’s not surprising it’s a Jewish tree. If you’re in New York, you’re Jewish, even if you’re not Jewish.

Lutz is… horrible.

Jenna, this is a great day for the Wool Council.
Well I am very proud to be your new spokeswoman. You know, in the past I was the face of Clinque, a French-Canadian Anal Rejuvenation clinic. And I was the feet of filthylittlefeet.com.

Eugene is played by Victor Garber, best known from Titanic (1997), Alias (2001), and Sleepless in Seattle (1993).

filthylittlefeet.com redirects to an NBC 30 Rock site showing a photo of her dressed as a dog next to Paul in a black mask with the caption “Jenna Maroney, the latest “celebrity” Face of Wool derailed the campaign – and her career! – when scandalous details of her deranged private life emerged!” Why am I writing all this out instead of just linking to it? For posterity, my friends. The internet has a habit of moving stuff on you.

Clinique is a line of skin care products, owned by the Estée Lauder Corporation, and actually based out of New York. They aren’t nearly as focused on anal rejuvenation as everyone claims. What the hell would “anal rejuvenation” even be? A sphincter tuck? Some sort of salve or balm to tighten and tonify your choda?

We’re just a little worried about publicity like this. [passes Jenna a paper reading “Hooray for Hollyweird? Jenna’s Four-Legged Love Affair with a photo of Jenna walking Paul like a dog]
No. Eugene. That’s not just some guy I picked up at a dog bar. Paul and I are in a committed relationship.
Is he a cross-dresser?
[laughs] No! Paul is a gender dysmorphic bi-genitalian pan-sexuale.

“Gender dysmorphic Bi-genitalian pan-sexuale.” Let’s see if you’re dysmorphic (like body dysmorphic or having a dysmorphic feature) it’s when a feature if deformed or at least you believe it is, bi-genitalian would mean two sets of genitals, and pan-sexuale is just a fancy way of saying “all-sexual.” So basically Paul’s a hermaphrodite. Or at least mentally bi-gendered. That sounds about right.

The paper reads “Hooray for Hollyweird?” (from The Romance Department) “Jenna’s Four-Legged Love Affair. The article reads (from what you can see):

TGS star Jenna Maroney takes a walk on the wacky side in Central Park with “boy” toy Paul L’Astnamé. After their public tryst in the skull of the Statue of Liberty last week, Maroney and her waiter/entertainer/wig designer boyfriend are setting a new celeb standard for PDA. On the red carpet at the Mexican People’s Choice Awards in February, Maroney called L’Astnamé “my soulmate, and during prison-themed roleplay, my cellmate.”

There’s more that’s below it (and partially cut off) but it’s too fuzzy to read. Funny, though!

[singing] Oh noble sheep, we eat your babies. We use your brain to fight off rabies! But the most beautiful gift you give us is wool.
[nods at Eugene]
All right, Jenna. I’d love to meet Paul. Let’s say dinner tomorrow night at your place. I’ll bring my wife.
I should warn you: this had better be a very normal dinner. No hijinx, no farce. And not just for the sake of your relationship with the National Wool Council, but for the sake of my wife whose parents were killed in front of her while an episode of Three’s Company was… You know what, I’ll let her tell the story at dinner. Wool-come, Jenna.

  • “Eat your babies”: Lamb is delicious. Check.
  • “Rabies-fighting brain”: In 1911 David Semple invented a rabies vaccine where you basically infect a sheep with rabies, take its brain, puree it, and painfully inject it around the stomach for two weeks. It’s no longer recommended.
  • “Wool”: True. True.

Three’s Company (1977-1984) was a sitcom with two female roommates and a male roommate who had to pretend to be gay so he wasn’t kicked out. It wouldn’t be a good show to be killed to.

Sherry, who was at the do- [sees Kenneth] Kenneth, what are you doing?
Well, I know your wife was kidnapped by some convenience store owners and I’m real sorry about that.

A lot of convenience store owners are Korean (in Kenneth’s naive, racist world anyway), but there’s very little overlap between them and Kim Jong-il, the crazed North Korean dictator that kidnapped Jack’s wife last episode (S05E22: “Everything Sunny All the Time Always”).

I’m not looking for pity.
Pity? Oh, sir. Back in Stone Mountain people lose their spouses all the time. Mumps, hill people attacks, cave collapses — both business and residential — continuing my list…

“Business and residential” cave collapses?! Nice. And Kenneth mentioned the hill people a lot. I suppose they would be what Kenneth’s redneck clan considers rednecks.

Mumps is rarely ever fatal in the first world.

When someone needs help you don’t waste time feeling sorry for them. We help them. And you seem like you could use a home-cooked meal. [ladels Jack a bowl of stew]
Oh that smells delicious.
It’s an old Parcell family recipe, but I look to replace the Union soldier meat with boiled potatoes.

Ha! That’s wicked. The Parcell family, being from Stone Mountain, Georgia, a county that “never rejoined the Union,” was on the losing side of the American Civil War and… ate the enemy soldiers. That’s creeptastic.

No. Please, sit. You two have similar-shaped buttocks. [awkward silence]
Ahem. Dear God, thank you for this venison. Onion god, thank you for these onions. Carrot god, thank you for the carrots.

So… Kenneth the devout Christian is a pantheist? And seeing as he thanked the individual gods, but didn’t say “dear venison god,” I can only assume that the primary god of his deity cornucopia is the god of venison? Or perhaps made of venison?

[Update:] Oo! Reader splotchy nailed it. Kenneth didn’t say “DEAR God,” he said “DEER God”! Genius!

I thought maybe we could do it again tonight.
Oh, sir, I’d love to but I can’t.
Why not?
Well I have to work. Now that the crew is gone I like to give everything a good spring cleaning, starting in the bathroom. There’s a lot of drawings of Miss Maroney eating celery that men are giving to her with their hips.
I see. Another time, perhaps. I’ll just be alone in a house full of memories.
My house is full of white cockroaches.

Oh Kenneth. So naive. I imagine alongside even the Lascaux cave paintings some neanderthal scrawled an image of the village whore giving someone a blow job. It’s deeply ingrained in our collective graffiti center.

Cockroaches are white when born and white when molting. There are no white cockroaches. No real ones, anyway.

You just made a very dangerous enemy, Kenneth!
Thanks for the heads up, Jonathan. Do you want to come to my birthday party?
[continues scrubbing the floor]
What are you doing? That’s my job.
Uh, Jonathan volunteered to clean up so you could come over again tonight, right Jonathan.
But sir, it’s not just the bathrooms that need cleaning.
That’s why Jonathan’s family is here. Uh, Liddy goes down at seven, so I’ll see you then.
[looks at Jonathan’s family cleaning] Oh my.

From the look of Jonathan’s family I’m going to go out on a limb and say they’re Sikh.

Any idea when your party will be over, Trey?
The party hasn’t started. That’s just the guys setting up. Can I borrow a cup of sugar? I’m trying to get a hummingbird to drink out of my penis.

That is one messed up image. Hummingbird feeders are usually filled with sugar water, in a tube so they can stick their little beaks in and lick out the sweet nectar within. This image isn’t getting any better.

Put on these earrings.
[puts on the earrings]
So, tell me about your day.
Well, I got a soft yes from Jonathan about my birthday party, then I went to a very uncomfortable dinner.
Do you know what I did today? Tried to be strong, sat alone with my thoughts, then I went to a wonderful dinner.
Then the dinner ended?
[softly] No.

I usually hate awkward humour, but this is hilarious. Jack pulls it together. Especially with his soft “no” at the end. Genius.

So Paul, what do you do?
I’m in the restaurant business and I really love… [looks at Jenna] golf playing.
Is that so? What’s your handicap?
Oh, well I don’t have one myself, but I do like a girl with a limp. [silence]

Paul, we found out in S05E09: “Chain Reaction of Mental Anguish”, actually works in a rollerskating drag queen restaurant as a waiter. Waitress?

A golf handicap is a numerical score related to a player’s proficiency. The worse the player the higher the score. They allow players of different skill levels to play together on relatively equal footing. If you ever wonder why I explain these things, it’s probably because I didn’t know myself;) Good example, this.

The Sitter
[door slams open] [dressed as a jester] Greetings, slaves! Who’s ready to get sat on?
Uh, uh sir? I- I don’t know who you are, but you’re not wanted here! [whispers] Didn’t you get my text?
The Sitter
[whispers] I thought it was part of the game.
We are good people who have no interest of being sat on. So don’t spew your statistics on the health benefits of weekly sittings or its wide acceptance in Eastern cultures. We’re normal! And being normal is American and it’s respectable and it makes us… happy. Now get out of here.
The Sitter

Ha! I love the random midget sitter. Look at him, all cute and midgety and full of piss and vinegar! Oh he’ll sit on you all right. He’ll sit on you good.

No, your honor, I’m not disputing the fine. I’m refusing to pay it. Grenade. Respawn!
Miss — I mean ma-am — read the fine print. If you don’t pay I can sentence you up to three weeks of community service.
How about three months? This is sham your “DIS-honor.” Nay! A mockery! I put the system on trial. You can’t handle the truth! I’m out of order? YOU’RE out of order! Victor Sifuentes! HOOAH!
Gavel! Gavel! Gavel! I lost my gavel over the weekend but it doesn’t mean that you can talk to me like that.

Ahhh the movie quotes! Let’s see:

  • “Your DIS-honor”: Not from anything as far as I can tell, but I don’t need you people wandering the internet searching for it and getting lost or falling down a 4chan well or something. I’d feel responsible.
  • “I put the system on trial”: This was in The Cable Guy (1996), but it’s pretty weak. I dunno maybe the writer just vaguely remembered it from somewhere.
  • “You can’t handle the truth!” is Jack Nicholson’s line from A Few Good Men (1997). Thanks to Dgramusset for pointing out I missed this one.
  • “I’m out of order? YOU’RE out of order!”: Actually a misquote from …And Justice For All (1979). The actual quote is “You’re out of order! You’re out of order! The whole trial is out of order! They’re out of order!” I found this in a pretty good list of misquotes. I was mistaken on all of them.
  • “Victor Sifuentes”: An attorney from the 80s legal drama L.A. Law, played by Jimmy Smits.
  • “HOOAH”: Military phrase meaning “anything but no.” Seriously, it’s used for anything remotely positive. But this particular use is a quote from Al Pacino’s character, a former U.S. Army officer, in the movie Scent of a Woman (1998).

[wearing pink robe] Mr. Donaghy, where are my clothes?
Sherry must have put them in the wash while you were showering. Now, give us a twirl.
[twirling] This is not right sir.
Now what do you say you put on some of Avery’s perfume and we head over to Strawberry Fields and whip pennies at the drum circle.

Another reference to Strawberry Fields in NYC’s Central Park, memorial to John Lennon and gathering place of hippies of all creeds. Especially those with a penchant for dreadlocks, patchouli oil, and drum circles. I actually like drum circles. It’s neat to wander through somewhere and hear this rhythmic, rolling drumming that gets more and more powerful as you draw close.

I don’t like to swear, sir, but no thank you! Now, maybe I haven’t had a wife who was kidnapped, but I have seen the Brady Bunch where Tiger runs away. We’ve all been through some bad stuff, Mr. Donaghy.
I had the perfect woman. Gorgeous, brilliant, always let me be the hat in Monopoly. Why is this happening to me? God, are you punishing me because my hair is better than yours?

The Brady Bunch (1969-1974) was a sitcom about a couple on their second marriages who both came with four children. Making a big-assed family. Plus the mouthy housekeeper Alice. Tiger was their dog, who was actually killed by a flower truck in the first season and the replacement dog was only in the show sporadically until vanishing altogether with no explanation.

I don’t think I need to explain what Monopoly is. My friends and I were just talking about this the other night. Remember the Free Parking rule, where you’d put the money collected from cards in the middle and when someone landed on Free Parking they’d get it all? Or when you landed on Go you got $500? Those aren’t real rules. Somehow everyone in the entire world played that way, but those aren’t the official rules. Bizarre. How does that happen?

The classic monopoly came with a wheelbarrow, a battleship, a man on horseback, a car, a thimble, a cannon, a boot, a Scottie dog, an iron, and a top hat as player pieces. The boot was the best. Or maybe the car.

All right sir, enough. You wanted me to be Mrs. Donaghy? Well I know Mrs. Donaghy and she is mean.
She one made Rahm Emanuel cry in an airport lounge.
So fine. I will be Mrs. Donaghy and I’m going to say “Listen to me, Jack. You don’t want people to pity you, well they should. Because you’re pitiful! You think you’re all alone? Boo hoo, why can’t my life be the way it was? Well it can’t! And you’re not alone! You have a daughter you should be spending time with instead of being weird to Kenneth. He may be a chinless piece of human garbage but he will NEVER fill the void that I left behind. Oh look, here he comes now. He’s going to ask me to come to his birthday party.” [doing extremely goofy/insulting imitation of himself] Hi Mrs. Donaghy! You wanna come on down my birthday party? “No. I can’t. But I know JACK can.”

Rahm Emanuel is the mayor of Chiacgo and Obama’s former Chief of Staff. Not really sure why they singled him out here, though.

[Update:] As reader Blake pointed out, and as I could have figured out with another 30 seconds of reading the Wikipedia article, Rahm is indeed known as a hard-ass. His nickname is “Rahmbo,” and he does a lot of screaming, blustering, and knife-waving. He once sent a box with a dead fish to a pollster who was late returning results. As Rahm is Jewish, I can only assume this was gefilte fish and is the Jewish equivalent of a horse’s head in your bed. Don’t eff with Rahm.

This was one of Kenneth’s best scenes. Doing a fine imitation of Avery and then the hilarious impression of Avery doing an impression of Kenneth! Oh how he channelled her!

I’m finally taking a stand. After all these days. You wanted us to be normal? Well this is our normal. And this is what you think of your morality clause. [kisses Paul] [moans]
Mmm, give mommy some beard.
[turns away in disgust]
Ohhh, you’ve gone some crumbs in here.
Oh, eat it.

Good Lord I gagged watching this. Paul nuzzling and whiffling his way through Jenna’s beard looking for scraps of food. Ha! Revolting.

I did it, Jack! I got my dream vacation.
You’re on a chain gang!
I’m outdoors, I’m wearing comfortable clothes, I’m gardening, and I’m learning Spanish!
Sanitation Worker
Vuelve a tu trabajo, Limona! Esta bolsa no esta llena, eh!
Estoy hablando con mi amigo. De todos modos esta es mi tercera bolsa. Grítale a Hector!

In English, that’s:

Sanitation Worker: Go back to your work, Limona! This bag is not full, eh!
Liz: I’m talking to my friend. Anyway this is my third bag. Yell at Hector!

Uh, Liddy and I just went to Strawberry Fields where she spat up on a white lady’s dreads. It’s nice to see that we’re back to our version of normal.

More Strawberry Fields! So I imagine the lady looks like a hippie version of the twin ghosts from The Matrix Reloaded (2003).

[watching from a distant rock, with a telescope] You see all the good that is in them? How much capacity for love? Yes, I know. I just need more time with them. Give more time, Jacob! I BEG OF YOU! [title: TO BE CONTINUED]

Ahhh more crazy immortal Kenneth the Watcher story arc. Previous readers have insisted this is a reference to Jacob in Lost (2004-2010). I dunno. It doesn’t really fit. The closest it gets to Lost is I think the writers don’t have any pre-planned thing in mind. I bet, like Lost, they’re making it up as they go and think it’s pretty funny.

It is.

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34 Responses to 30 Rock S05E23: "Respawn"

  1. Blake says:

    Rahm Emanuel is known for swearing a lot and being a bit of a tough guy so Avery making him cry would be a hard thing to do.

    I imagine anyway I've never tried to make him cry.

  2. Roseli says:

    Thanks! Your trivias are very amazing!

  3. Jasper says:

    Thanks a lot for these amasing trivia's throughout S5!
    Hope you have a great summer and I'm looking forward to new episodes, explained, in a few months!

    Oh, and French isn't my native language, but I think I got the song:

    … l'été, la plage, doucement, la plage, les malliots, sous le soleil…

    … the summer, the beach, gently, the beach, bathingsuits, under the sun…

    Greets from Belgium!

    • Cam says:

      My pleasure. Thanks for your input over this season! You've helped a lot. I appreciate it.

      And thanks for the translation! This would be so hard without people who speak French, German, and Spanish coming through for me;)


    • Simon says:

      I'm french and the song is :
      L'été, la plage, doucement la plage, les maillots, sous le soleil …
      Summer, Beach, slow on the beach, bathingsuits, under the sun …
      My english really sucks but this is better than "gently, the beach" i guess.
      When I watched this episode, That made me laugh because her accent was so cute :p

  4. splotchy says:

    Kenneth was saying "Deer God," so that part was consistent with the rest of his prayer.

  5. mhd says:

    2:35 In the Wool Bowl, Bryn Mawr is playing Hiram College. Bryn Mawr is a women's school, so not so much. And Liz Lemon is supposed to be an alumnus.

  6. Dgramusset says:

    when Liz refuses to pay the fine, she says "You cant handle the truth". She's parafrasing Jack Nicholson's character in the film "A Few Good Men"

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  9. Spritle says:

    The nameplate for the judge is Judge Gregory L. Dredd. I assume this is an allusion to the title character, Judge Dredd, in the 1985 sci-fi film played by Sylvester Stalone.

  10. I really admire this article but it looks off on my Firefox web browser

  11. Carla says:

    "Give me more time, Jacob" is It's A Wonderful Life reference, not Lost! 😉 Jacob is the head angel Clarence talks to at the beginning of the movie.

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