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Alec Baldwin: “Next year is our last year of the show”

Oh my! Looks like 30 Rock may only have next season and then it’s over. This from Alec Baldwin himself last night via Vulture. (Via my buddy Paul. Thanks Paul!)
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No New 30 Rock Tonight

One day I want to know how they decide when episodes should air. Are they not done them? Do they just pick dates randomly? I’d just like to know. That’s all. Next episode is April 14, 2011.

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Episode S05E18: “Plan B” All Trivia’ed Up!

Trivia done for S05E18: “Plan B.” This felt like a long one. Pretty funny, pretty funny. Had some good bits. So I think next episode (which isn’t scheduled till April 14th) I’m going to post the episode immediately, throw in … Continue reading

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Ranked: Every Character on 30 Rock, from Funniest to Least Funny

It’s from way back in mid-January, but Nerve did a piece ranking every character on 30 Rock. I’m not sure I agree with every ranking, but it’s funny! Nice work.

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Interview with 30 Rock Writer Tracey Wigfield

I just stumbled across this fantastic year-and-a-half old interview with Tracey Wigfield (very timely, Cam), the writer of last week’s episode. Not only is it hilarious (who knew writers were hilarious when they write?), but it’s done by her former … Continue reading
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30 Rock S05E17: “Queen of Jordan” Trivia Complete

Well hallo! Back from a big 30 Rock break with a reality TV-themed 30 Rock. It looked like the cast and crew had a lot of fun with this one. Light on the trivia, but that works for me. Read … Continue reading

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Mini Break + 100th Episode + ‘Abby Flynn’ Actress

Well 30 Rock has been on a break for the last two weeks which is crazy good timing because I’ve had ZERO time over the last two weeks to do anything 30 Rock-related! But they’re back this week with a … Continue reading

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30 Rock S05E16: “TGS Hates Women” Trivia Done

Another episode in the can! It’s all trivia-laden and posted up. Enjoy!
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30 Rock S05E15: “It’s Never Too Late for Now” Trivia Complete

Sup y’all?! Trivia DONE! Look at me all on a roll with getting trivia out early. I loved this episode. The plot was a little less frenetic than most, but I liked it. Nice work, 30 Rock! Enjoy.

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