Tina Fey Wins Main Twain Prize for American Humor

On November 14, 2010 Tina Fey was awarded the Mark Twain Price for American Humor! Rah Tina! Love you! Check it out on PBS.
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30 Rock S05E07: “Brooklyn Without Limits” Trivia… Complete!

Hello loyal readers! The trivia for “Brooklyn Without Limits” is done. Not the best episode ever, but lots of funny bits still. And tons of trivia.

New episode tomorrow! Already! Holy crap I have to get faster at these things;)

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S05E06 “Gentlemen’s Intermission” Trivia Done!

Now with even more Trivia™! This one had a lot of video flashbacks to previous episodes. Enjoy!

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Episode S05E05 “Reaganing” trivia done!

Yup, it’s all done. Good stuff in this one — lots of weird references and flashbacks. Fun! Enjoy!

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Full S05E04 “Live Show” Trivia Posted

Wow… okay it wasn’t quite the same amount of work as doing two full episodes, but damn! But it’s up!

I have more references to add in, and more detail on what was different, but it’s mostly all there, so enjoy!

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30 Rock Live Recap

Well that was fun!

I don’t think it was as good as a regular episode. I mean, with a regular episode they can refine it and work on it and polish it and use as many takes as they need to eliminate mistakes and get their timing down perfectly. Regular episodes also have much better video quality and lighting (they don’t look like Mexican soap operas). They’re just… better.

I assume doing a live episode is done for novelty, ratings, and to give the cast and crew a thrill. Plus, with a lot of the cast having improv or theatre experience, and Tina Fey being a Saturday Night Live veteren and having it filmed in Studio 8H, SNL’s studio, and using the SNL band, it must have been a blast for her.

And I suppose, like improv, people give a lot of credit to the actors for their skill in pulling it off, and well deserved. But the product isn’t as good. It lacks the slickness and production values we’ve come to love.

That said, it was super fun, especially that they did two versions, an East Coast episode, and three hours later, a West Coast episode, and they changed a few things just for kicks.

I’ve written up the transcripts for both the East Coast episode and the West Coast episode separately and sent them off to my friends at 30rockquotes.net. I liked the East Cost version better. Oddly enough, the acting seemed better, and there were fewer mess ups. Next up, listing all the differences and writing up the trivia. Stay tuned!

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Tonight’s Live 30 Rock Episode

Very exciting times, 30 Rock lovers! Tonight’s 30 Rock show is being done LIVE from Saturday Night Live’s Studio 8H!

They’ll be performing twice, once for the 8:30EST time slot and again three hours later for the 8:30PST time slot.

I plan to not only do up the dialog for both (on behalf of my friends over at their newly revamped 30rockquotes.net), but also so I can play Spot the Difference. That’s fun, right?

I’ve been revving the twitter engine recently; you can check it here. What have I been (re)tweeting? Glad you asked:

Check back at this page often — I’ll keep it updated with where I’m at.

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Season 5 Episode 3 Done! LIVE Episode this week!

Well hallo! Last week’s episode S05E03 “Let’s Stay Together” is done! Tons of great stuff in this one.

This week’s episode should be amazing. They’re broadcasting it live! Check out NBC’s site for their live episode special.

Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, and Tracy Morgan have all performed live before, but it should be fantastic seeing them all together.

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Season 5 Episode 2 Complete

Damn fine episode, this one.

I’m just in time, too! The next one airs in less than twenty four hours. Hooray!

I’m working on some things to let me do the trivia more quickly. There’s a lot of time spent formatting and cutting and pasting that needs to be automated.

Anyway, all of the trivia is up. Enjoy, and let me know if I missed anything!

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Up To Date! (Sort Of)

Well, the premiere episode of Season Five (S05E01) is done!

I figured doing trivia for four year old episodes is super interesting, but doing trivia for brand new episodes out this week is interesting and relevant!

From now on I’ll write up the newest episodes as they air, and write up the older ones in between when I have time.

Next up, I’ll probably work on a bit of programming to let me enter trivia faster. My current method works, but it’s very slow.

And happy birthday to my beautiful wife!!


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