Star Wars!

Okay, in stark contrast to my last post… Star Wars on Blu-ray is out! Okay not really related to 30 Rock. Well, they do like to make Star Wars references now and then. Which is awesome. Anyway, help support my blog. Use the above link to buy from Amazon and I get a buck or two. Enjoy!!
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  1. J Colman says:

    Er, not out yet.
    You can pre-order it for the September 27th release.
    I've pre-ordered my copy to take advantage of Amazon's pre-order price guarantee.

    Sadly, I've lost count of how much money I've pissed away into George Lucas' wallet.
    Prepare to buy these films again in three years when they come out on blu-ray 3D, then again on 4xHD (1080p is for chumps).

    • Cam says:

      Good point. Pre-order only. I didn't really mention that.

      Agreed! And the man needs to get out of the trenches. Fantastic world-builder, good overall storyteller, but he SUCKS at dialog and story details. A whole movie about politics?? The video games are amazing. The friggin Clone Wars CARTOON is incredible. Ten times better than the prequels.

      Kay, rant over;)

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